Celyad news and White Paper

Belgian cell therapy pioneer Celyad has just announced that their natural killer cell program dubbed THINK (THerapeutic Immunotherapy with NKR-2) has reached the second dose escalation cohort.

Noteworthy, none of the patients in the first dose cohort experienced dose limiting adverse events. Given that Celyad’s killer cells are engineered to attack NKG2D ligands which are associated with general cell stress, some side effects were to be expected with this approach.

Dr. Frédéric Lehmann, VP Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at Celyad added: “Preliminary results from the first dose-level are encouraging, further reinforcing the favorable safety profile of NKR-2. The THINK study is progressing very well and we look forward to the completion of the dose-escalation stage of the trial and the initiation of the expansion segments to confirm the encouraging clinical signal seen in our previous Phase I study.

Celyad also released a comprehensive white paper containing a NKR-2 deep dive.